First, they attended the tea at Minden High School.  Those from our class who attended wereDr. and Mrs. (Sandra) Edward Brown, Ida Mae Pittman and her husband Ralph Yarborough,who moved to Minden from Texas, Shirley Frazier and her husband Bobby Youngblood, OttoKrouse, Drew Simmons, Fred Moore and of course Bennye Ryan Stewart.   They hung out atthe room where pictures of football, basketball teams, etc. Upper and lower classmates werein and out as they all visited and had fun. They they went across the street to Ed and Sandra Brown's house for sandwiches and snacks.Sandra had all kinds of goodies, soda pops and water, but no alcohol or cigarettes.  They bothmade us feel so welcome.  Those in attendance were: Ida Mae and Ralph Yarborough, Bobbyand Shirley Youngblood, Sandra Pullig Smith wife of Gary (Bubby) Smith, Class of 54, and theirdriver Demetria, Otto Krouse, Fred Moore, Drew Simmons, Jerry Cook, Edd, Sandra & Bennye.Later, Jimmy Miller showed up and stayed for awhile. We ate and ate then debated as to whetherto decorate the floats (trucks).  It rained on and off all day. We decorated! ! Drew, Ed, and Demetrichelped us climb the ladder in the back of Drew. Drew drove and Fred rode with him up front. Shirleyand Bobby Ray used their truck.  Ralph and Jerry Cook rose with them. Benny said only one dropof rain hit her.  We again wondered if we should go to the football field. The schoolboard had bought three olderhouses and made a nice parking lot on the right close to the football field so we didn't have a longwalk.  The side walk is broken up real bad and Demetric came out and made sure Bobby andSandra got safely inside the gate.  It was nice and again, only one drop of rain hit me. Unfortunately, they missed Eddie McCoy.  He had thought they were having dinner at Dixie Inn at6:30 so he had already left when the group arrived at the the restaurant. So sorry they missed him.When I spoke to Eddie he might have told me he ran into Jimmy Miller also. According to what I was able to glean Lois Krous was able to join the group.  Bennye said shelooked good.  She had cancer and had been on our prayer list.  Neil and Ruth Baker were seatedand waiting for them.  They were pleased to also see Mildred Boland Moore and her sister, Jo Annthere , too.   Ronald Bryan looked pale. He is still recovering from knee surgery.