September 30, 2005 Minden High School

           Class of 1955  - 50th Reunion


This exciting reunion was placed in the capable hands of Marsha Boyd Salman, Dr. Ed Brown, Loretta Allen Sharpling, Huey Lee "Judge" Hanson, Yvonne Brown Henagan and Bennie Ryan Stewart, our committee chairpersons, and the events will speak for themselves. The pictures you will view on this site were taken at the home of Sandra and Dr. Ed Brown.

The Homecoming Parade

Barbara Bryan Moore, Fred Moore, Jerry Cook, Huey Lee Hanson, Marsha Boyd Salmon, Bennie Ryan Stewart, Mildred Boland, and Bob Stephens

Photo compliments of Minden Press Herald and Bennie Ryan Stewart

Compliments of the Press-Herald & Bennie Ryan Stewart. I will try to identify the people in the photo starting at the front...L-R In the red shirt; Randall and Holly Marrs, Ronald Bryan in the blue and white shirt, Robert and Jean Stephens holding hands. next row, the lady in the blue sweater must be Wanda Rhoden Yates, next to her appears to be Dot Walker Nicholson and her husband, Pierce Nicholson. Behind them in the peach colored sweater is a man that looks like Bill Slay but I don't think he went to the football game. Next to them is Doyle Walker with the white hair  beside Pierce and Ralph Yarborough, in the blue  in front of of Sheila Frasier is Earlene Mendenhall Lyle. .  near them  and behind  Bob Stephens is Mary  and Roy Baggett Mary has on the navy blouse standing behind Ronald Bryan.  They were married on December 17th.. In the matching red shirts is Shirley Frazier Youngblood and Bobby Youngblood. to their right in the brow pants is Linda Lee Mims Martin and Rob Martin, in the middle behind the Fraziers is Dr. Ed Brown and his wife Sandra Crockett Brown, standing next to her in the maroon is Sheila Frasier, I think that is Barbara Bryan Moore, blue but who the man is to her left?  It is hard to see the faces. To her right is Jerry Frasier. Ralph Yarborough is standing behind Sandra Crockett and next to him is Ida Mae Pittman Crockett, Mrs. & Mr. James Lynn Ford. I cannot tell who is standing between Rob Martin and James Lynn Ford. Myra Crownover Hasty is standing between Betty Liner, James Liner who is next to Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh in the red coat next to Marsha Salmon and Jim Gritzbaugh.Who is the lady in the white hat? Roy Connell is standing next to Marsha Salmon. His wife Joy is standing behind him in the pretty suit that looks blue but is actually purple. Also unable to identify the man behind her.  Drew Simmons and Yvonne Brown Henagan is in the green and white top.  I think Sandra Pullig Smith and Buddy Smith are in front of them and Jerry Cook is behind Yvonne.  I am unable to find Carroll Gay Hardy in the photo. Would someone also help me find Doyle Walker?  It is difficult to identify people when their backs are turned. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated . You can e-mail me at MindenMemories@AOL.COM


Photo's compliments of Jim Gritzbaugh

The Float is finally decorated and the class of 1955 is ready to roll.

L-R, white pants and red shirt: Joy Garriss Connell, Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Neil Baker, Linda Ford,, Shirley Frazier Youngblood,

Dr. Ed Brown, Doyle Walker, ____in shades, Rob Martin  in black and white shirt. Bobby Youngblood in the red shirt walking, Jean Stephens in the pink blouse walking and

Bob Stephens shaking hands with Doyle Walker.   Behind Joy is Robert Miller. Next to him is Bill Slay and next to him is Gary Smith. See the bucket in front of Doyle, that

is full of candy to throw to the crowd.

                         The Antioch Baptist Church Crowd

Ida Mae Pitman Yarborough, Wanda Rhoden Yates, B. D. "Doyle" Walker,

 Dot Walker Nicholson, and Myra Crownover Hasty

Neil Baker, Bill Slay and Robert Miller

Linda and James Lynn "Jim" Ford (They traveled the farthest)

James and Betty Liner

Do you remember when Rob Martin and Linda Lee Mims were our class sweethearts?

Today, they are the parents of a son and two adorable grandchildren who live in Texas.

Do you remember when Earlene Mendenhall was most beautiful girl in 1956

and Bo Drake was handsomest boy in 1953 and again in 1954?  Handsomest boys

under memories and the Tide Talks in 1956 compliments of Cleve Taylor in this site

to read about it. They stopped having handsomest boys in the Grigs after Bo graduated.

After that year, they only appeared in the Tide Talk.

Old Friends, Ida Mae Pitman Yarborough and Joy Faye Garriss Connell

Wanda Rhoden Yates and Myra Crownover Hasty

Double first cousins, Doyle Walker & Dot Walker Nicholson

Do you remember when Earlene Mindenhall was Miss Minden High School, Miss Minden and Miss Civitian?

Do you remember when Sandra Pullig was crowned Miss Minden at the Joy Theater when we were in high school by Home Box Office?

Do you remember when Sandra Crockett was crowned Miss M.H.S. Darling?

Do you remember when Carla Faye Green was Miss Minden High School. runner up to Miss Minden?

Do you remember when Diane Green was runner up to her twin to win the title? Imagine those beauties in one family?!!!

Read all about it on this site under Memories, Gems of Minden. I remember as if it were yesterday.

Majorette's from the fifties pose for a picture at the 1955 reunion...

Diane Sentell Green, Barbara Bryan Moore, Carla Faye Greene McCracklin

Sandra Crockett Brown, Sandra Pullig Smith and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

See them as pretty young Majorette under the Bob Grambling sites.

"Old Friends:, Diane Greene Sentell, Sandra Pullig Smith, Carla Faye Greene McCracken

 and Linda Lee Mims Martin (Note: The man on the left is Huey Lee "Judge" Hanson)

Here they are again without Judge - Four Beautiful Childhood Friends,

Diane, Sandra, Carla Faye and Linda Lee

"Two Beautiful Ladies.....Miss M. H. S. Darling 1958 & Miss M. H. S. 1956

L-R, Sandra Crockett Brown and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle. Earlene was a triple

title holder. Earlene later won the Miss Civitian contest in 1956 and became Miss Minden

in May. She went on to crown Marcelee Robinson when she became Miss Minden in 1957.

Another photo of Sandra and Earlene. They have a lot in common.

Sandra was drum majorette under Mr. Bob Grambling when she was in school.

Earlene was also a majorette when she was in high school. Watching the band

and majorette's march was one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoyed the four

years I was in the pep squad.

 Sandra and Earlene had fun watching the 1955 classmates get the hay on the

1955 float!!!  

L-R, Marsha Boyd Salmon, Bill Slay, Robert Stephens, Seated Roy Connell, Dot Walker

It took Marsha to figure out how to get it done. Every class needs a "Marsha." to

coordinate their reunions.    " Thank you Marsha. You are appreciated!"

Roy Connell was the first out of his chair to help Marsha and the young man she had recruited to move the hay.

Ida Mae Pitman Yarborough, Shirley Frazier Youngblood, Joy Garriss Connell and

Bennie Ryan Stewart start working on the ribbons!

Eugene McCracken (husband of Carla Faye Green) and Rob Martin

Bennie Ryan Stewart, Shirley Frazier Youngblood, Bobby Youngblood and Dugan Stewart

Joy Garriss Connell and Barbara Bryan Moore at the luncheon before the parade

on Friday at the Brown home.

Some of the ladies helped with the streamers. Pictures will follow.

ShirleyFrazier Youngblood & Bobby Youngblood, Bennie Ryan Stewart and Dugan Stewart