Compliments of Ellen Baskerville


 1st. grade (I had Mrs. Elizabeth Perrit) This was at ES Richardson (Eastside). Maybe someone has this picture and will be willing to share.

Mrs. Hortman 2nd. grade

Front Row: L to R
Richard Anderson, Ricky Williams, Wilburn Jones, Henry Thorpe, Gerald Renz, Jerry McEachern, Glenn Worley, Paul Kinard, Clarence Hardy, Ronnie Shuler

Second Row:
Bobby Mourad, ______?,Judy McIntire, _______?(Looks a lot like Betty Jo Lee, but I think she went to West Side), Carol Ann Powell, Rosemary?________?, Evelyn Plunkett, Beth Walker, ___________?, Tommy Collums, Donald Haynes, Byron Myrick, David Buffington, Jay Dulaney, Rachel Craton

Back Row:
Miss Audrey Hortman, Lucian Barrios, Patsy Slay, _______, Ellen Baskerville, Ross Miles, Carolyn Felts, RubyLee Pearson, Diane?_________?

 3rd. grade (Miss Eva Grace Sutton). (Eastside) Maybe someone has this picture and will be willing to share.

Mrs. Mary Braleys Fourth Grade Class 1953-54

Front Row L to R:
Sandra______?, Bill Funderburk, Harry McInnis, Dorothy Harman, Don Robinson, Lucia Littleton, F. E. Miller

Second Row:
Joan Fuller, Mildred McDow,Tommy Collums, Donald Haynes, Ruby Lee Pearson, Richard Anderson, Johnny Williams, Carolyn Baker, Fred Boeke, Mrs. Braley

Third Row:
Don DeLukie, John________? Jeff Robinson, Herman Walker, Virginia_____?, Patricia Krouse, Jean Bridges

Fourth Row:
Pat Humble, Jimmy Burson, Patricia_____?, Donnie Ray____?, Ross Miles, Elizabeth Roberts, Ellen Baskerville


  4th grade, (Mrs. Braley)

              Mrs. Norma Gray Dayes Fifth Grade Class 1954-55

Front Row:
Robert Walker, Bill Funderburk, Jeff Robinson, Herman Walker

Second Row:
Patricia Nation, ________?, Judy Crockett, Cheryl Boyle, Mary Ann Luck, __________?, ___________?

Third Row:
________?, Judith Howell, Ellen Baskerville, Larry Williams, Alan Culpepper, F. E. Miller, Ronnie Farrar?, Patricia Krouse, Mrs. Daye.

Fourth Row:
__________, Sherry_______?, Harry McInnis, Ernest White, Ronnie Simmons, ________?, Diane Sexton

Fifth Row:
Ray Greer, Ross Miles, Kent Blanchard, Elizabeth Hardy, _________?, Elizabeth Roberts


Mr. A. E. Days Sixth Grade Class, 1955-56
First Row:
Donald Haynes, Johnny Williams, Danny Sanders?, Billy Ray, _________?, Dottie Harman, Henry Thorpe, _________?, ___________?, Mr. Day

Second Row:
Ross Miles, Charles Faulkenberry, Virginia____?, Byron Myrick, Kay Mudgett, Celia Bryan, Don DeLukie, Sally Inabnett, Wallace Walker?

Third Row:
Judy McIntyre, Jerry Burton, ________? Steve Barnard, Ellen Baskerville, Judy Crockett, Jimmy Burson, Charlie Brown

Fourth Row:
Kent Blanchard, Lucia Littleton, Drury Allen, Billy Zachary, Elizabeth Roberts, Carolyn Felts, Tommy David


  By the way, I loved all my teachers, and Mr. Day was one of the dearest.  Thanks, Dottie, for paying him tribute on the biography site.