Photographs by: Bob Grambling

Submitted by: Greg Grambling


Fortitude and Delicacy for Sports Parade




by Margaret Ann Jones Dampier


This is what was required of a majorette from 1953 through 1958.  Sun sweltering August days

were when it began each year.  Preparation began for at least eleven football game performances.

Practice made perfect every 3rd hour class period and at least one night a week.  Drummers and

majorettes put in extra time after school.


Chalk board graphic studies were drilled for half time performances, district and state competitions,

concerts, special military marching competitions, parades, fairs and festivals.  Creating

choreography for the music was always fun but required much fortitude and delicacy.  These

routines were combined with band members who wore costumes such as the fanny flappers

(Linda Lee Mims), turn of the century attire (Earlene Mendenhall), tux outfits, suspenders,

suspenders with a wine barrel.  There were many varied shows.


In 1956 we caused a laughing riot in the stands during half-time when Mary Celeste Brown

repeatedly lost her majorette skirt while doing an Indian dance.  Bob Grambling was furious

because we didn’t move off to the side line, but mostly because we thought it was hilarious fun!


In 1952 and 1953 Jane Grubbs was on parade and Dan Pace took such a fancy that he married

the majorette.  Later on in 1957 and 1958 he was closing up his barber shop along with Fort’s

News Stand to watch majorettes on parade.  Sandra Pullig’s tan legs and Carla Faye Green’s

blonde hair always drew a crowd.


From 1953 through 1955 the idol among majorettes was Mary Ellen Bailey.  Her loving personality

and great leadership was admired by all.  Sue Tatom and Barbara Bryan were two of the

majorettes who worked closely with her.  She was a mentor to many.  We learned to cherish

every day of life as a precious gift.  As a freshman band member I sat next to her.  The French

horn and Saxophone sections bordered.  The whole band loved her dearly.


Mary Ellen was a mentor, a friend, and left a void in band leadership hard to follow.  Being a

drum majorette was a major undertaking.


A “Thunderer” whistle was the best.  It could be heard two city blocks and was used to be sure

the band was directed clearly over other bands and sounds.  Fifteen commands were used with

the whistle and large baton.  Each command depends on the route of parade and pace or on the

music and performance routine.  Timing and distance paced were imperative.  Giving the wrong

signal or command might result in you going one way and the band the other or just a total

disaster!  Examples of a mere few of these commands were:  drums on the hoops,  drums on

the head, full pace, counter march, half pace, roll off for music and flanks.


There was a special bond among majorettes.  We had lots of work hours, laughs, and even

silly nick names for each other.  The older or experienced ones always helped to train the ones

who were newer and to move up later.  In 1955 Jackie “Tootsie” Batton was a prime example

of moving up the rank.  She was a stately figure of an intelligent leader who stepped in to fill

Mary Ellen’s boots.  Earlene Mendenhall, Sandra Pullig and Barbara Bryan followed as

majorettes.  This was a hard time and the only time we had three girls on line instead of four.

However, Ronald Miller was a great feature twirler and helped to fill the void and hurt.  He even

twirled fire at times.  He tried to teach me, but I was afraid my red hair would really “flame.”


In 1956 Mary Celeste Brown, Belle Zachry, myself, and Earlene served under “Tootsie” Batton.

Earlene and I are childhood friends and had lots of fun.  She had a petite figure and turned lots

of heads on parade.  Mary Celeste and I could be down right silly and were full of lots of

monkey business.  Earlene put up with a lot!


1957 changed my spirit and I received more responsibility as drum majorette.  Sandra Crockett

 and Linda Monzingo joined Belle and Mary Celeste on front line.  They were great girls and

worked so hard.  I appreciated them greatly.  In the heat of early summer our band parents sent

us to the Cotton Carnival in Memphis, TN.  I have never been so hot in my life.  Linda looked at

me before the parade in her sweet voice and said, “Margaret!  Look how wide the streets are!”

Well, the route was also longer than the State Fair one in Shreveport.  When it was over we all

crashed for water in the first Memphis bar we could find.  My heavy rabbit hat came off fast.

We earned this honor of parade!  In 1958 I continued to lead.  Glenda Fields and Diane Green

joined the rank with Linda and Sandra.  I began to be a mentor to Sandra just as Mary Ellen and

Tootsie did for me.  You have to want the responsibility to be a head majorette.  Sandra was a

lovely girl and worked hard.  And as goes the history of Minden High School majorettes.


We tried to have fortitude with delicacy.  I hope we succeeded.


Bob Grambling's First Band 1947


1947-1948: Front Row: Robert Grambling, Charles Toland, W. C. Floyd, Fred Berry, Dale Rogers, Billy Don Adams, Colleen Montgomery, Steve Kirkikis, Billy Gleason, Bobby Warren, Wayne Barron, Tommy Anders, Jeane Owen.

Second Row: Sybil Jane Grubbs, Perry Lynn Sanders, Marilyn Greer, Marilyn Rudd, Dickie Taylor, Andrew Ritchie, Tatom, Monte Sale, Beth Wall, Alice Jean Cobb, Dorothy Jean Hunter.
Third Row: Bobby Bryan, Glover Sanders, Betty Wall, Sally Ware, Glen Owen, Patsy Tinnell, Rene Pugh, Barbara Frazier, Ethel Frances Miller, Nan Hunter, Jimmy Dale Souther,

Top Row: Beth Wall, Bess Hunter Ray Simmons, Jack Boles, Frank Cox, Charles Miller, Keitha Clement, Gene Pugh

by Marcia Wren



                                                      Majorettes2.55 This is Bob Grambling's first band.

                                 This picture is dated 1946. Jeanne Owens, drum major. Front line girls Bess Hunter,

                       Sue Tatom, Joyce Dulany and Dorothy Jean Hunter.I see Will Garriss behind Bess on Bass horn.

                       Behine Sue, Glover Sanders, Behind Joyce Dulany - Nell Gilbert and behind Dorothy Jean -

                       I think Perry Sanders ? and then Jimmy Dale Souter.

                       Does anyone know who the little girl and boy is.

                       Submitted by Joyce Dulany Anderson, Class of 1952



                           Majorettes 2.5 for 1947-48

                           Submitted by Rowland Ivy

                           Bess Hunter, Bess Wall, Keitha Clement, Gene Pugh, Jeane Owens



Majorette 1 - Jean Owen, Class of 1951

 Submitted by Rowland Ivy

Majorette 2 - Left to right Keitha Clement, Jean Owen, and Bess Hunter

Majorette 3 - From left to right: Keitha Clement, Rene Pugh, Jeane Owen,

Gene Pugh, Bess Hunter

After Jean Owens Graduated Bess Hunter became drum majorette.

Majorette 3.5. Bess Hunter

1952 Drum Majorette

Submitted by Ben Hunter

 Majorette 4 - Majorette Practice in 1953 - Majorette Practice 1953,

 #4, Sue Tatom, Bobbie Moore, Jane Grubbs & Mary Ellen Bailey

  Carla Faye Green, Nan Hunter Jimmy Dale Souter & Mrs. Grambling

Majorette 5 - Jane Grubbs, Bobbie Moore, Sue Tatum and Mary Ellen Bailey

were majorettes in 1952. Head Majorette was Bess Hunter

Majorettes5.5 Jane Grubbs, Bobbie Moore, Mary Ellen Bailey, Sue Tatum and

Bess Hunter was drum majorette in 1952

Majorettes 5.55 Jean Owens, Class of 1951

 Submitted by Rowland Ivy, Class of 1952


  Majorette 6 -  Mary Ellen Bailey was the head majorette in 1953.

Majorette 7 -Barbara Bryan, Sandra Pullig, Carla Faye Green, Ronald Bryan,

 Jackie Batton and Mary Elen Bailey

Majorette 8 -1952-1953

Seated left to right are Barbara Bryan and Sandra Pullig

Standing left to right are Carla Faye Green, Mary Ellen Bailey and Jackie Batton

Majorette 9 - Barbara Bryan, Sandra Pullig, Carla Faye Green, Jackie "Tootsie" Batton, Mary Ellen Bailey

and Ronald Miller 1953

Majorette10 - 1953-54 Ronald Miller - Jackie Batton - Sandra Pullig - Mary Ellen Bailey - Barbara Bryan

 & Earlene Mendenhall 1954

 Majorettesthree - . Mary Ellen Bailey, Carla Faye Green and Sandra Pullig

Majorette 11 - Jackie Batton, Classs of 1956

Majorette 12 - Earlene Mendenhall, Barbara Bryan, Jackie Batton, Sandra Pullig and Robert Miller  

2TWIRLER53 -Ronald Miller, Class of 1955

Majorette13-1956 Majorette's

Jackie Batton, Belle Zachry, Margaret Jones, Mary Celeste Brown, Earlene Mendenhall

Majorette14 - 1956 - Earlene Mendenhall, Mary Celeste Brown,

Margaret Ann Jones, Belle Zachary, Jackie Batton

Majorettes 15 - , School year 1956-57.  L to R:  Margaret Jones, Belle Zachry,

Linda Monzingo, Sandra Crockett, Mary Celeste Brown

 These are the majorettes from the 1957-58 school year.  Pictured L to R are Linda Monzingo,

Glenda Fields, Sandra Crockett and Diane Green.  I'm sure the person behind Bob Grambling

 is Margaret Jones, the head majorette.

Majorette16-They are picture in the 1959 Grig, but not in the same order. From left to right:

Glenda Fields, Judy Crockett, Sandra Crockett, Diane Green and Patsy Kleinegger

Majorette17-Sylvia Holomon Norwood & Jann Aldredge

Clanton @ Ole Miss majorettes' camp ca. 1962.

Majorette18-This is a picture of the majorettes taken at the Memphis Cotton Festival in the spring of  ' 63. Left to right: Brenda Rushing, Waynette Farrington, Sylvia Holomon, Pam Hoefield, Jann  Aldredge, and Eve Baskerville and Mary Margaret Evans, head majorette. Photo taken by Bob Grambling.

Submitted by Waynette Farrington Sharon

Majorette19-Taken majorette camp in the summer of '63 at Kilgore

Junior College where we met and worked with the wonderful Gussie

 Nell Davis- founder of  the famous Kilgore Rangerettes. Top row left to

 right: Bettye Lou Cunningham, Cindy Williams, Jann Aldredge, Sylvia

Holomon, Mary Margaret Evans. Bottom row: Eve Baskerville, unknown

girl from Texas, Waynette Farrington.

MAJORETTE 20 -1962-63 L-R: Brenda Rushing, Waynette Farrington, Sylvia Holomon,

Mary Margaret Evans, Pam Hoefeld,


MAJORETTE 22 -Betty Lou Cunnigham McClure, Cindy Williams Brewer, Sylvia Holomon Norwood,

Jann Aldredge Clanton,  Eve Baskerville, Mary Margaret Evans Fattel,

& Waynette Farrington Sharon

MAJORETTE 23-Waynette Farrington, Sylvia Holomon, 

 and Eve Baskerville

MAJORETTE 24 -Mary Margaret Evans '64

MAJORETTE 25 - Cindy Williams, head majorette,


Majorette 26 - Janice Smith, Cheryl Parker, Anita Jones, Sharon Fussell,

Margaret Baird,

Sitting Susan Garcia,  head turned

should be Suzanne Haywood, though I was not familiar

with the back of her head so I cannot be 100% sure.

That is why the picture was never used.  She was a majorette that year.

This picture was identified as 1965-66 Majorette's

Identified by Greg Grambling

Janice Smith Allison ____ (was once married to Jimmy Allison)

Suzanne Haygood Odom

Anita Jones Kratzer Dulaney

Sharon Fussell Graves Walker(?) (Graves died and she remarried

 a man from Homer whom I think is named "Walker.")

Margaret Baird (know only maiden name) (She would be a granddaugher of F.B. Treat, Sr.)

Susan Garcia

Majorette 27 - 1965 Grig, page 84 Cindy Williams, Betty Lou Cunningham, Cheryl Parker,

Suzanne Haygood,         

Barbara Garlang, Anita Jones and Janice Smith

3. Cheryl Parker Whatley

4. Suzanne Haygood Odom

6. Anita Jones Kratzer Dulaney

Majorette 28 - June Allison Smith - 1966

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