YELLOW PINE INN 10-1-2005

Photo's by Jim Gritzbaugh

L-R, Standing; Thomas Sharpling, Bill Slay, Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Dot Walker, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle in the white blouse, Mildred Boland in the green, Joy Garriss Connell in the black blouse.

Bill Slay next to sherry, next to Bill is Charles "Bo" Drake, Wanda Rhoden Yates in the shades, Sandra Pullig Smith in the red blouse, Jean Stephens and Robert Stephens

Our hayride took us to Lake Bistineau

Some people live on the lake. Jimmy Dugans camp is behind the Yellow Pine Inn where many people in

Webster Parish go to camp and fish.

Billy and Mary McKinney, owners of the Yellow Pine Inn do their own cooking!

They had no complains from this crowd!!! The food was superb.

Judy Grady, Becky Mitchell and Fancy Carter sing six gospel songs for the group before dinner

Here they are again...Judy, Becky and Fancy

Dr. Ed Brown and Sandra Crockett Brown

Isn't that James Liner in the chair behind them?

Here they are again....Dr. Edward Brown and Sandra Crockett Brown

with James in the background!

Doyle Walker and Sandra Pullig Smith were the only class officers present at the reunion.

Dr. Charles Lewis passed away in 1976.  Dr. Sam Maxey is now a doctor in Irving,

Texas and has five sons. We hope he will be able to make our next one.  

Jerry Frasier and Yvonne Brown

L-R, Fred Moore, Barbara Bryan Moore, Roy Connell, Joy Garriss Connell, Marsha Boyd Salmon, Ida PitmanYarborough, her husband Ralph Yarborough is standing to her right in the stripped shirt, to Ida Mae's right standing is Dot Walker Nicholson talking to her double first cousin, Doyle Walker seated next to Myra Crownover seated next to Yvonne Brown Henagan.

L-R, Ralph Yarborough, Marsha Boyd Salmon, Ida PitmanYarborough, Doyle Walker, Standing up is Dot Walker Nicholson, Yvonne Brown Henagan, Bobby Moorehead, Drew Simmons,  Neil Baker and Wanda Rhoden Yates.

L-R, Drew Simmons, Neil Baker, Linda Lee Mims Martin, Rob Martin, ?, Bobby Moorehead, Mildred Boland Moore and Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh