M.H.S. 1955   50TH. REUNION

Earlene's photo's II


Remember Those Fabulous Tunes...from the fifties!!!

Neil Baker, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Jerry Frasier and Bobby Moorehead

Bobby Youngblood and Ralph Yarborough (husband if Ida Mae)

Wanda Rhoden Yates

Bill Slay

Sandra Crockett Brown and Robert Miller

L-R, Robert Miller, Dr. Edward Brown and Rogers Auld

Rob Martin

Barb Bryan Moore and Fred Moore

Ronald Bryan, Holly and Randall Marrs

L-R, Ida Pitman Yarborough in the white shirt, Sandra Pullig Smith,

Rob Martin and Linda Lee Mims Martin

L-R, Randall and Holly Marrs, Ronald Bryan, Betty and James Liner

Barbara Bryan Moore and Joy Garriss Connell

L-R, Linda Mims Martin, Carla Green McCracken, Diane Green Sentell,

James Lynn "Jim" Ford, Eugene McCracken, Rob Martin, Linda Ford,

Wanda Rhoden Yates

L-R, Linda Lee Mims Martin, Carla Faye Green McCracken, Diane Green Sentell

James Lynn "Jim" Ford in the checked shirt, Eugene McCracken in the blue shirt,

Rob Martin, Linda Ford in the blue blouse talking to Dot Walker Nicholson, and

Dr. Edward Brown in the red shirt

Standing: L-R, Ida Pitman Yarborough and Linda Lee Mims Martin

Seated: L-R, Wanda Rhoden Yates and Ralph Yarborough

L-R, Jim Gritzbaugh, Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Betty and James Liner,

and Barbara Bryan Moore

L-R, Sandra Pullig Smith, Gary "Buddy" Smith, Bill Slay, Linda Lee Mims Martin,

Carla Faye Green McCracken, Diane Green Sentell , Robert Miller in the suit,

Eugene McCracken in the jeans with his back to the camera

Jim Gritzbaugh and James Liner

L-R, Doyle Walker, Rob Martin, Wanda Rhoden Yates, and Ida Pitman Yarborough

Eating, L-R, Joy Garriss Connell, Barbara Bryan Moore, Bennie Ryan Stewart and Charles "Dugan Stewart

L-R, husband if Ida Pitman,Ralph Yarborough, Dr. Ed Brown and Rogers Auld

L-R, Sandra Pullig Smith, Bennie Ryan Stewart, Marsha Boyd Salmon, Carla Faye Green, McCracken

Dot Walker Nicholson, Diane Green Sentell, Carla Faye Green McCracken and Sandra Pullig Smith